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My Background

I have a dedication to each individual massage therapy client, providing trauma informed care. I take pride in my work and am constantly expanding my knowledge base to help you on your overall health journey. I am a huge nerd and adore teaching my clients about their bodies and empowering them to understand it better. 

I focus on working with clients with TMJ dysfunction, concussions, post concussion syndrome, anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

I work with a multitude of people on their health and well-being progress. I have created a safe, body neutral, inclusive, and trauma-informed space in my home in Blackburn Hamlet where anyone can come and take a moment to relax, reconnect with their body and escape the every day.


Margery Thomas RMT
Greenbelt Massage Therapy

My Approach

I use a variety of techniques founded in both western and eastern medicine. The goal is to help people relax and engage their parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) in a trauma informed way. Allowing them to let go and reconnect with them selves is the fundamental basis for my treatments.  

I use a variety of tools such as cupping, gua sha, hot stones, and aromatics. Paired with classic Swedish massage techniques, to help with soft tissue disfunction, gently reach deeper tissues, and help the body heal itself.

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