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Treatments and Pricing

Massage Therapy

Margery uses various techniques stemming from Swedish Massage for her massage treatments. Tools such as cups, gua-sha, and aromatics are sometimes added .  All of these have a place depending on the the clients goals and what dysfunction may be happening in the body.


30 Minute Massage $80

45 Minute Massage $100

60 Minute Massage $120

75 Minute Massage $145

90 Minute Massage $170

Hot Stone Massage

This ritualistic full body treatment is ultra relaxing and comforting. It involves the use and placement of warmed basalt river rock on different points of the body. Pressure can be applied deeper, easier, and while increasing relaxation.


60 Minute Massage $140

90 Minute Massage $190

TMJ Massage

Treatment for people suffering from TMJ (jaw) dysfunction. Grinders, clenchers, and people who have sustained injuries to their jaw can benefit from this therapy. It helps relieve pain, clicking, headaches, pressure, and soreness associated with jaw issues. 


30 Minute Massage $80

45 Minute Massage $100

60 Minute Massage $120

I am a Registered Massage Therapist my services are covered by most major insurance plans.

All prices include HST

I accept payment by Interac debit, all major credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, e-transfer and cash.

Your appointment includes an intake interview and assessments before your treatment. If you require more time please book a longer appointment.

While I do offer direct billing please be prepared to pay for your appointment in the event that this is not an optionI have no control over the outcome of insurance companies decisions to allow direct billing. 
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Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment with Greenbelt that appointment time is set aside for you and only you.  By not showing up, or cancelling last minute you deprive others from possibly being able to book in during that time.
  • Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled, by the client, free of charge up to 24hrs before hand.

  • Any appointments cancelled in less than 24hrs will be charged the full price of the appointment.

  • "No Show" appointments (appointments in which the client gives no notice and does not arrive) will be charged the full amount. 

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