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10 Tips for a Better Massage Appointment

So you've booked your appointment, you've filled out your forms, and put it in your calendar. The day is here! Now what? What are some things you could do to make sure your treatment is better? Whether it's your first appointment, and you're an over thinker (guilty!) who wants to be prepared and understand it all (guilty..) or your 100th appointment. These are some tips you can do to help you have a better massage appointment.

  1. Turn off your cell phone, and put it away. Take this moment for yourself and disconnect. This is a huge one, frequently when a client's phone goes off (even on vibrate) their body has an immediate response. Muscles tighten, breathing gets shallow, it pulls them right out of their relaxed state.

  2. Take off your jewelry. Things like necklaces and earrings can get in the way and be uncomfortable, especially if you're having work done on your neck. The gel I use for massage is great for skin, but not so wonderful for keeping jewelry clean.

  3. Communicate your needs and expectations to me prior to getting on the table. This is your massage, and your goals, let's make sure we're aligned on what you want to achieve. (psst! Just wanting to relax is a totally valid and wonderful goal)

  4. Let me know if you have any areas that are more sensitive, painful, or ticklish than others. Every body is different, what may be comfortable for someone else may not be for you.

  5. Have some water and a light snack before your appointment, it helps to avoid hunger pangs, and helps to keep your blood sugar levels level so you feel less light headed after.

  6. However, try to avoid eating a huge meal before your appointment no one likes feeling bloated or uncomfortable during their treatment.

  7. If you're not warm enough let me know, I can turn the table warmer up, add blankets, or a heating pad. I myself am almost always cold during massages. My therapists know I want all the heat and cozy blankets when I come in.

  8. Speak up if you feel too much pain during the massage and let your me know. I am not here to hurt you, this is not a "no pain no gain" situation. If it hurts too much, I can adjust.

  9. Don't rush off the table, take a moment after the massage to take a few breaths and enjoy the feeling of peace and relaxation.

  10. Ask any questions if you are unsure of something, need clarification, or feel uncomfortable. I'm here to help, I want you to feel safe, comfortable, and calm when you receive treatment, ask the questions that will help you feel that way.

Do you feel ready to book? Click the button at the top or bottom of the page and I will see you soon!

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